Northern Sky Show Comes to Trueblood PAC

Trueblood Performing Arts Center presents the Northern Sky Theater production, Guys on Ice, book and lyrics by Fred Alley, and music by James Kaplan.

This hilarious musical comedy will charm your wool socks off as Marvin and Lloyd sing about life, love, and the one that got away while keeping warm with a healthy appreciation of good bait, cold Leinie’s, and the Green Bay Packers.

The story follows Marvin as he anxiously awaits his opportunity to appear on a cable TV fishing show which he believes will make him a household name; while his buddy, Lloyd, ponders a recent squabble with his wife concerning plans to spend their wedding anniversary at Lambeau Field watching the Packers play the Bears. A fellow angler, Ernie the Moocher, pokes his head in the shanty now and then, always out for a beer or a stick of jerky.

This show, presented by Go Fish Productions, once again features Doug Mancheski and Steve Koehler, who have performed the comedy together over a thousand times. Mancheski, an audience favorite with Northern Sky Theatre, has been playing the role since its inception in 1998 where he played opposite the late Fred Alley, the book writer, who originated the role of Lloyd.

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